Saturday, April 5, 2014

The passing year ....

It been a while that I've not blogged.  All I have might be lame excuses to justify that but here are the things which kept me so busy.

The company -  The company that I have started with friends is in a limbo right now. I wished it were with a soothing and exciting music but no.  Things got difficult to handle.  Aside from my day job, I have MBA.  Mamul was right, joggling beyond two interests will choke you.  That's a lesson learned.

People: friends and associates - I learned to know who are those that you need to waste time with and not feel guilty about it. To know those who are to have with good terms with you and to those you can just let pass by.  It's quite difficult to discern but experience with people makes you have that skill.  Oh well, enjoying the company with others is exciting but it's important we determine which matters, which gives us lessons to be had and inspire us to pursue more of our goals.  Now, family is different ;)

MBA - The first subject I took is one of the toughest.  Quantitative Analysis, is synonymous to business Mathematics.  I admit, the road was full of learning, bumps and humps - enjoyable!  MBA is one of those great decisions I have aside from the fact, that my new company is paying it for me.  I just need to get a grade of 85 and I need not repay the company and luckily,  I got a really good rating.  If I am not mistaken I got 90-95 range :) Anyway,  meeting new people and establishing relationships is one of the perks in studying MBA. Learning from their experiences will surely equip me for anything I'll venture out be in business or corporate career.  You see, I am planning to be really an awesome businessman so there, Ateneo de Manila University's MBA-Regis will be another ticket to more success.... Tagay !!!

Vacation - My last vacation was like ages ago. Hmmmm ... 6 months ago.  We are talking here of local destinations as my budget honestly do not permit me to go overseas.  Even if I'd like to go out of the country, as much as the yearning, I just can't at this moment.  Oh well, it's summer and I am having some great plans in my bag :D

Cars - I bought a second hand Mazda 2 with the help of my who works at Mazda.  I love my car, just like how I love our pet dog.  It's colored white and runs in gasoline.  Yeah, it's automatic.  Whenever I go to my day job or if I am leaving the office, I am so excited because I get to pass by the grand old bridge of Cebu - Marcelo Fernan bridge.  This bridge brings old memories with my mom, like when we go to the Lapu-Lapu Church. You'd also love the sunset, the mountains and the open sea which separates the cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu.  The towering buildings in Cebu is another sight to behold, as to how the island is progressing will surely captivate the onlookers.  Maybe next time, Id bring my Leica with me to point and shoot.  I should be doing this though with somebody else in front of the wheels :P

House - You've read and heard me at the back of your mind, yes I bought oh not like in cash but as a form of debt a new house and lot.  I have been paying for it this past few months and they'll be building the house after I paid some 10% of the total amount of the house. I am a bit worried though of my ballooning expenses but quite challenged and new happy for this new property.  This might be a good asset and investment in the future.

Investment - I am currently investing in the stock market.  I have learned a few tricks because of my MBA class.  It's fun to trade as I always and if you want to learn from my experience, just PM me and I'll be willing to help you out of your financial management. Though I cannot rule out you'll be successful with it, but I  promise you, it will give you enough confidence in handling your budget - putting your financial obligations and wants in order.

Project - There's a new start up that I am planning to build and that's one of the reasons I am not enrolling in Operations Management subject at AGSB.  Though I am not quite 100% sure of this to not enroll, but my personal calling of becoming a successful technopreneur is way on top of anything right now.  This self actualization has been bugging me and I believe the universe will help me out with this.  The Almighty will absolutely give me the fuel to drive me to my success and world domination :P

These are the things which made me busy...!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I am cooking in Cebu

It has been super fast paced the past weeks. I's busy with a lot of things.  Not complaining though, so don't get me wrong :D  in fact happy with all the challenges.  I am definitely thriving....

The company my friends and I are setting up is already running.  We are already registered with SEC and with the city.  The next step would be with the BIR.

But what made me busy lately is our project with a client in the US. I am like snorkeling in big deep android - the operating system from google for smart phones.  I am glad to have a mentor who is very patient, sometimes crazy and fun, the one and the only Joemarie {pwede apilan ug kapa ug korona}.  Yup that's the latest of what I am cooking up in Cebu.

Oh don't forget all the pig outs and party/celebrations I've had with friends .... :D


Friday, March 1, 2013

Bohol Adventure

I went to Bohol for a weekend getaway!

What better way to relax than to hop unto the nearest beautiful island of Bohol.  I did not have to sleep on a Friday after some board meeting - a colleague called our regular meeting at coffee bean IT park as our board room :))  Well, it was an early morning trip and we agreed to meet at pier 1.  After work at around 2 AM, I went home and there I just packed and was set to go.  Jomes was waiting for me at Jollibee A.S. Fortuna.  I was waiting for a tricycle but nothing came and good thing a taxi came and I fetched Jomes at Jollibee then we headed our way to the pier.  We were waiting for another vacation, Kaneko - a Japanese student/businessman in Cebu.  We rode the ferry for an hour and our first destination after arriving was the Sagbayan peak where we would see the magnificent chocolate hills.  The weather was not that great as it was drizzling.  We were tired and hungry actually so we bought bread along the way.  Oh we hired a private car for 2300 pesos for the whole day tour and that's with a driver already, so it was pretty much convenient.  After the Sagbayan peak, we headed to the actual chocolate hill and it was a better view, but the steps were tiring :D  We had our breakfast there and it was good eating pasta bolognese and bam-e paired with beer.  After that, we were heading to the man-made forest.  The place was cool so much that you would a jacket and it was drizzling :)  After taking some pictures, we went to the mountains for the zipline and the cable car ride.  It's my first time to ride a real zipline and it was fun and exciting.  I thought I was going to be scared to death  but was surprised that I liked the heights.  There's freedom and it's amazing.  The cable car ride was actually not that scary as well and compared to the zipline, I'd try the later again. Hehehehehe.  Anyway, after the rides, we headed to loboc river for our lunch river cruise.  The food was nice and there was music serenading the cruisers.  The view is beautiful, and there were some stops where kids perform the traditional visayan folk dances.  It was fun and really entertaining.  I had visited Bohol before but some of the attractions were not there yet and some, I did willfully not try.  This time around, the experience was nice.  After our lunch, our driver took us to Baclayon church.  It's one of the oldest, historic church in Bohol.  It's a 400 year old structure, you see!  After that, we headed to Alone beach resorts.  It took us well another hour ride.  The sun was still at its peak so it was really hot. We arrived at the beach resorts area and almost all of the accommodations were filled. Good thing we found one near the beach like a few walking distance and the price was reasonable.  The room was prepared for us and we settled there after.  It was a tiring day tour and so all we could do was just sleep the whole afternoon.  We woke up around 7PM and it was dinner time.  We walked out of the hotel and looked for a nice place to pigout.  We found one near the beach front and it was kind of cool.  The food was ofcourse expensive but I was able to haggle a bit :) We had beer on the side and drank out of it while waiting for our food.  After some few minutes, we had our food ready and everything was really fresh and tasty.  We were full and satisfied.  After that, we walked by the beach side and looked for a place to drink.  Redhorse was the staple for the rest of the night.  There was some booze, some singing and some swimming by the beach.  It was a fun night to relish.  We went back to our place drunk....

Getting up around 9AM, and had our breakfast.  Checkout was 12 noon by the way.  So after some few morning rituals, we decided to take our leave and off we went to Tagbiliran port to head back to the beautiful, fun, exciting and crazy paradise island of Cebu.

We love you Bohol !!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Installing WAMP

WAMP stands for Apache, MySQL and PHP running in Windows Operating System.

Well, since most of our in-house and client projects will be involving the web, we need to know how to set this up.  It is quite easy to actually install WAMP as there is already an open-source community who had created the setup installation.  For your local development, one may use the setup which you can download here :

After installing the wamp executable program, all you need to do is start wamp.  There should be a WAMP icon at the task bar.

Now, when you are using Windows 8, you will have some issues, guaranteed.  Well, IPv6 has been pre-incorporated into the OS platform and the Apache httpd.conf will need to be updated.

User has to open httpd.conf from the WAMP manager icon at the task bar or from here :  C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\conf

Allow from all is added.

# First, we configure the "default" to be a very restrictive set of
# features. 

    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Order deny,allow
    Allow from all

Check the phphmyadmin.  If this doesn't work, edit the config file from here : C:\wamp\alias

Update the config file to this :

    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
    AllowOverride all
        Order Deny,Allow
    Allow from all

The configuration may not be safe for live deployment so please be careful with the settings.  Try to do this only when inside a safe network.

Back in Cebu !!!

Last week, I arrived in Cebu with a heavy load :D  I had two luggage and a hand carry.  All of which weighed 50 kilos.  My check-in was okay but had to pay around 200 SGD.  My other stuff is still in sea freight, and will be arriving anytime sooner (I guess). Good thing my dad fetched me at the airport so it was a relief.

Dad and I arrived in our humble abode and our dog was the first to jump from the doorway.  It was good to seeing our pet? Hehehehe.  Anyway, I was tired and at the same time I caught some colds.  I immediately took some medication and chatted my friends online, buzzed some other friends and planned to go out with them. Another Cebuano friend of mine, who is based in Singapore, was inviting us (high school friends) to their mini party (they had a CNY vacation).  Well, I was tired so I decided to take a nap first.  Woke up after 2 hours of sleep and then prep up, and went to go.

There was some singing, booze and really tasty Cebuano Food.  I miss home cooked meals. Oh, I actually had some food at home because there was a baptism of my nephew and there were some food left (from the caterer).  Even if I was a bit full, I still devoured lots of food :)) We were feasting pigs and I guess I'll be overweight?  Anyway, we were a bit drank already at around 10PM. After some more karaoke, we decided to call it a night.  I was rather tipsy and not drank :))  We part ways going home you see, and Miggy oh Miggy, my friends kid is so fun to play anything with :) Thanks Tilay for such a warm and great friend.  Wish you all the best for your family.

Anyway, I arrived home quite late and went to wonderland. Zzzzzzzz.

The next day will be a great day to battle it out for my next adventure.  One is applying for a new job and the other is to setting up a company. I am still having this feeling of nostalgia for all the people and events I had had in Singapore. I somehow realized, that I am not the luckiest person but I am so happy that I am blessed and always be blessed and loved.  Thanks to God, family and friends :)